Green Hydrogen Plants

NOVO will develop green hydrogen production capacity on a scale that addresses a significant portion of demand throughout the 5 Western states. The Company plans to build and launch 5 liquid hydrogen plants throughout western states. For each of NOVO’s green hydrogen production plants, production capacity will be 40,000 kilograms (40 metric tonnes) per day, with total Company production capacity of 160,000-200,000 kilograms (160-200 metric tonnes) per day. On-site solar power generation will provide the electricity necessary for plant operations. NOVO’s network of owned and operated hydrogen fueling stations will have first priority on production output. The majority of plant output will be delivered and sold, on a wholesale basis, to third-party hydrogen fueling station operators, as well as to industrial and other users of hydrogen fuel.

Green Hydrogen Fueling Stations

NOVO will construct a network of 300 state-of-the-art green hydrogen fueling stations with liquid hydrogen storage capacity to address a significant share of heavy- and light-duty vehicle demand throughout California, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada. Each location will serve as a one-stop-shop for a range of essential fueling and other retail needs: Stations serving light-duty FCEVs will each include 8-12 light-duty fueling positions Stations serving heavy-duty FCEVs will each include 6-12 heavy-duty fueling positions. Each station will include a convenience store and café, while 100 of the stations will include automated car washes.

All NOVO stations will have first priority on the production output of NOVO’s four green liquid hydrogen plants. With access to ample captive production capacity, NOVO will enjoy favorable economics and flexibility to further expand its station network should conditions warrant. All stations will be characterized by distinctive, modern, clean design. A core marketing objective is to forge a strong association in the consumer’s mind between the NOVO brand and quality, convenience, and a green lifestyle.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) Charging Ports

Each station will include 5-10 battery electric vehicle (BEV) charging positions, equipped with a Universal Charging System [plugin system] to accommodate all Manufactured BEV Light and Heavy Duty vehicles.