Who Is NOVO?

NOVO is managed by five Founders/Directors (all friends) who became frustrated working with other corporate hydrogen companies that never seem to execute the projects set forth. In 2020, this team of friends worked countless hours on the proposal only to find out that the company the proposal was being written for had been acquired. They concluded that, to make hydrogen transportation a reality, they needed to forge ahead together, as a team, without any attachment to a large corporate entity. There was complete agreement that an early commercial market for light-duty FCEVs is not being addressed. While there are those pushing for FCEVs to move exclusively into the heavy-duty FCEV space to avoid competition in the light-duty market, The team recognized that, to achieve economies-of-scale, the industry must focus on both light- and heavy-duty vehicles. One Friday at lunch, the five friends decided to unite and build a company that would satisfy the needs of heavy-duty and light duty FCEVs, as well as battery electric vehicles (BEVs). At his kitchen table, founder Darrell Burns sketched out several designs for a futuristic hydrogen fueling station, and NOVO was born!

Unlike most groups of friends who create a startup, these five gentlemen come with over 40 years of diversified knowledge and expertise in hydrogen, finance, and economics, construction, real estate and acquisitions. But the best part is the friendship these men have developed over the years. “It’s the greatest feeling in life when you can sit with your dear friends and discuss and execute a plan for a cleaner Earth, and every one of us agree on how to get it done, raising the standards for the world to replicate.” Darrell J. Burns

NOVO’s Role

NOVO will capitalize on the favorable trends in hydrogen-based transportation by rapidly developing massive capacity throughout the 5 Western states in three of the four critical interrelated infrastructure segments: hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution, and hydrogen retailing. NOVO will also provide leading-edge, proprietary hydrogen station infrastructure services throughout North America, further facilitating the continent’s transition to hydrogen-based transportation. NOVO’s comprehensive initiatives in three of the four critical segments will in turn help establish the necessary conditions for development of the fourth critical segment: FCEV manufacturing.

Our Team

The NOVO team encompasses expertise, experience, credentials, and track records in areas critical to the rapid development and long-term success of the Company. Meet our team here >